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"Our single-provider office began using ChartPerfect in 2009 with a goal of going paperless within one year. With ChartPerfect EHR we managed to make that goal a reality, and within six months! We are very happy with the ChartPerfect product and team. Their support is exceptional, their product is easy to use, and they include regular updates at no additional charge."

- Abeer G., M.D.
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EHR Overview

Our clients say ChartPerfect truly is easy to use. Below are details about how we accomplished this. To the left are screen shots that will adjust while you scroll through the copy below. We hope you enjoy finding out how ChartPerfect will lighten your daily workload.

Creating the Note

Enter data into the chart using a variety of tools. Most often the mobile route makes sense when entering data. Using a Tablet PC works well with templates and pop-up menus. Use a keyboard on any device (desktop or tablet). It is as easy as typing into a Word Document. If point-and-click makes more sense for a particular note, use our built-in and modifiable, condition based templates. Use point-and-click menus, and conventional typing or speech dictation at any point during the note entry. The average follow-up note can be completed in under 5 minutes. New patients require more data entry.


ChartPerfect comes preloaded with ICD-10. Codes can be searched using the code number or any part of the description. To improve the ICD selection process we have partnered with IMO to offer an enhanced version of ICD-10 for faster and improved coding.

Orders and Results

Using our Orders module allows you to order labs or diagnostics. ChartPerfect works with national and local labs, diagnostic centers and hospitals. Orders and results can be processed and viewed in real-time. Results can include the image, or just the text data.

Sharing Data

ChartPerfect can transmit CCD information to another provider as a follow up, a referral, or it can be sent to a local hospital. Providers can also send you patient data using our CCD engine. This allows you to be paperless and still share necessary patient data at any time.

Writing Prescriptions

From the note, or at any time from the EHR, ePrescribing is just a click away. ChartPerfect is preloaded with the SureScripts national pharmacy list. Our eRx can process new scripts, do electronic refills, and send narcotic class medication (EPCS).

Patient Histories

Patient history information can be entered by the patient using our Patient Portal at home or in the office. History information can also be entered by support staff using pop-up menus or free text. With our single-screen system, reviewing history information is fast and easy on any device.

Document Management

Images can be added to your note in real-time. Use a mobile phone, tablet, digital camera, or a scanner. The image can be added to any note, positioned, and resized. Editing is just a single click and allows you to annotate or adjust the image as needed. Multiple images can be placed in any note, in any position, as needed.

The Superbill

Once the note has been completed, the super-bill screen will open. Review and make changes to the bill before proceeding to the next patient. Each provider can share or have a unique superbill, including separate fee schedules and favorites.

Meaningful Use

ChartPerfect includes both MUI and MUII reporting. Our built-in reports and data monitoring makes sure you complete the necessary items before finishing the note. Management and Providers can run our MU reports at any time, for one or all providers. Our reports are easy to read and will display patients with pending data entry requirements for each section of the note.

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ChartPerfect EHR Features

(Not all features are on the list below)

Clinical Notes

Clinical notes that are designed to suit your needs. Our notes look and work like a WORD document, allowing you to complete a follow-up note in under 5 minutes.

Electronic Superbills

Once a note is ready, you will be directed to the superbill where you can sign the note and complete your charges in seconds, not minutes.


Eliminate paper prescriptions with our built in SureScripts module.

Electronic Lab Interface

Order labs and receive results electronically.

Electronic Diagnostic Interface

Order diagnostics and receive results electronically, including images.

Electronic Hospital Interface

Receive patient data, labs and diagnostics electronically.

State Vaccine Registry

Transmit vaccine data to your registry at the end of each day, all automatically.

ICD-10 Plus!

ICD Coding truly made easy. ChartPerfect will prompt you to select the correct code based on logical history questions.

MD Secure Messaging

Refer patients to another MD using our Secure MD Messaging system.

Role Based Dashboards

Intuitive dashboard for daily tasks and activities.

Patient Portal

Share only the information you choose with your patients. You can even send texts and emails.

Rx Prior Authorizations

With the built in ePA you can check to be sure the medication you are prescribing and view the status of the ePA.

CPT Codes

Quickly estimate and select the correct CPT Code.

Patient Education

Provide patients with up to date patient specific education based on ICD code, Medication or Lab results.

Meaningful Use Certified

Our EHR allows you to stay current with MU requirements using our easy-to-use Dashboard and Reporting System.

Intra Office Messaging

Send messages to one or multiple users in the office. Messages can also include attachments.

eFaxing In & Out

ChartPerfect uses the SRfax engine to send and receive faxes. Each fax will automatically be delivered to the inbox.