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"I get to focus on my patients and ChartPerfect does a great job of keeping my revenue on track. The software is an integrated system where patient information and billing flows seamlessly. We can do our part with no extra data entry, and ChartPerfect's RCM service takes care of all our billing needs."

- Dr. Esmond B., M.D.
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ChartPerfect offers simple, easy solutions for Practice Management
that save time and resources. The paperless scheduling and
billing modules are flexible so you can find the perfect
solution for your needs.

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Our process

ChartPerfect's is dedicated to helping you keep and grow your revenue stream. We deliver on our promise to provide you with a dedicated team of expert billers that is courteous and helpful. We will provide you with the highest quality of billing services in this industry at highly competitive rates.

Your Billing Team

With ChartPerfect, you get a team of three or more billers that are dedicated to your practice and have experience getting reimbursements for your specialty. Our billing experts get fast results with unrivaled knowledge of our all-in-one software and a deep connection with our clearinghouse.

Experts in Your Specialty

The ChartPerfect Billing Division is built on a foundation of expertise in our all-in-one software and specialty specific billing practices. Our team of experienced billing professionals have unrivaled knowledge of the program and they focus on your specialty and practice needs. We know how to get claims paid on time, every time.

Success Coaching

We provide you with a dedicated Billing Account Manager at no cost so that you can have the one-on-one attention that you need right from the start. ChartPerfect Billing enrolls you with our clearinghouse and helps you understand your contracts with payers.

Higher Revenues

Our U.S. based team keeps up with complicated billing guidelines and works with payers on your behalf to deliver higher revenues. Our 3 day turnaround on appeals and continuous A/R reviews keep Aging below MGMA industry standards. The average ChartPerfect practice sees a 20% increase in collections.

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ChartPerfect Billing Services & Features

Primary, secondary, and tertiary claims

ChartPerfect billers follow your claims through the entire billing cycle. Primary, secondary, and tertiary billing and follow-ups are included in your service.

Advanced ICD-10 capabilities

ICD coding to the highest specificity is easy with our built-in smart dx system. ChartPerfect will prompt you to select the correct code based on logical history questions.

Rx & Procedure Pre-Authorizations

We offer Pre-Authorization services, call the insurance company, document progress on each request in the patient's EHR and attach the codes to the appointment for billing.

Assist patients with statement inquiries

We provides your patients with a toll free number for billing questions about their Statement balance and Account Payment History.

Easy to understand reporting

We provide your practice with monthly reports for charges, collections, insurance aging, and patient aging. ChartPerfect also puts a host financial reports on-demand.

Specialty expertise

ChartPerfect billers have specialty-specific training and expertise. We assign your billing team to suit your practice.

Real-time eligibility checks

Integrated eligibility checks show coverage details before the service takes place, and they attach to the billing record. You can get a full insurance summary in just one click!

Real time claims scrubbing

Your billing team performs real-time claim scrubbing and they will even assist with ICD 10 coding to make sure you get the largest reimbursement.

Credit Card & e-Check Processing

With our built-in payment processing system, your ChartPerfect billing team can take credit card and eCheck payments from your patients in real time when they call with billing questions.

Denial and appeals services

Our billers have years of experience with Denials and Appeals.

Past due revenue reclamation

We can assist you with your revenue reclamation as needed.

FREE monthly account reviews

Your Billing Account Manager will hold monthly 60-minute account review conference calls with your practice and go over questions about your service, financial reports, and more.

FREE training

When your practice signs up for ChartPerfect Billing Services, you receive personalized training at no cost. We help your staff and provide Easy Bill Training sessions free of charge.

FREE dedicated Account Manager

Our Billing Account Managers stay with you every step of the way. They lead your billing team and provide you with help and attention so ChartPerfect can take your practice from good to great.

Credentialing services available

Our credentialing department can assist you with all aspects of your credentialing process, from start to finish..