Module Details & Pricing Plans

We recognize the way your practice works is unique. Below are several
packages designed to help meet your needs. You can also request a custom package.

Clinical Staff

Physican, PA, NP, PhD, RN, LCSW

ChartPerfect delivers an award winning EHR that is both fast and easy to use!

Easily document clinical notes, ePrescibe, order eLabs and refer patients to another provider, all directly from the clinical note, truly as easy as 1-2-3.

Each clinical user receives a dedicated EHR specialist to assist in the setup.

Non Clinical Staff

Management, Front & Back Office

ChartPerfect was built from the beginning to include front and back office. Easy access to each providers schedule in day/week/month view.

Enter payments, charges, ERAs, upload or print statements with just a few mouse clicks.

Managers can set up each user with unique access privileges.

Managed Billing

ChartPerfect Billing Services

We are experts when it comes to managing your practice revenues with you, as a prt of your team.

You can rely on our team of U.S. based staff and dedicated account managers for Best-In Practice processes using the MGMA national standards.

Each provider is assigned an dedicated account manager, all included!

Yes, ChartPerfect is Affordable!

Receive additional discounts when signing up multiple providers.
Non-Clinical Users are included with each Clinical Staff license.

Have Questions or Want to Learn More?

Our product specialists are available to answer your questions, help you sign up or provide you with referrals of existing ChartPerfect customers.

Give us a call today to discuss your needs. (800) 403-2330 x3.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

How long has ChartPerfect been in business?

We opened our doors in 1999, when only of a handful of all-in-one EHR & PM products existed.

What makes ChartPerfect a good fit for my small practice?

We are physician owned with a practicing office. We understand the needs of our clients, as they are our needs as well.

Does ChartPerfect have clients in my area of the country?

We have clients from coast to coast. We can provide references upon request.

What are the support hours when I need assistance?

Our support hours cover the entire day from 5am - 5pm Pacific / 8am - 8pm Eastern. When you need us, we will be there. Support call are toll free, so no extra fees to worry about.

Does ChartPerfect work with SureScripts, and are my area pharmacies pre-loaded?

Yes, we are one of only a few certified EHR companies with a true SureScripts integration as a part of our EHR. You will not have to use a third party product, or pay extra fees to send prescriptions. Prescription writing, Formulary and History checks are also included at no extra charge.

Can I use the built in SureScripts eRx to send EPCS (narcotic class) medication?

Yes, you can send schedule 2-5 medications through our built in certified EPCS system.

What Meaningful Use Certifications does ChartPerfect have?

We were MUI certified from the beginning, and not just stage II. We continue to meet MU requirements as each one is announced. We are currently MUI and MUII certified. MUIII is scheduled for release in 2018 by ONC, we will be MUIII certified and ready when certification begins.

How do I get started, what is the setup timeframe?

To sign up simply call 800-403-2330 x3. If email is more convenient, you can email sales@chartperfect.com for assistance. The timeframe can be as quick as one day.

What are the system requirements for hardware and Internet?

All you need is a Mac or Windows PC running Chrome and access to the internet. We recommend 5/Mb upload and download speeds to efficient viewing of data.

Is my data encrypted and secure?

Yes, your data is encrypted and secure. We use industry standard encryption during transmission and while at rest.

Can ChartPerfect help migrate my data from my current EHR?

We sure can. We will work with you and your vendor to assist you in getting your data into our EHR.

Does ChartPerfect come with built in templates for my specialty?

We have built in templates for all of our specialties.

Can I customize the built in templates or add new ones?

You can edit our existing templates, or create your own. Our template engine works similarly to a Word document so it is easy to learn and use.

How is a clinical note created?

Creating a note is very easy, and the provider or support staff can start the data entry process. Once started you can edit each section starting with the CC, and HPI. Any part of the note can be completed in any order and modified with just a few clicks.

Can I order electronic labs and diagnostics?

Providers can order labs and diagnostics, review results, all before completing the note and superbill.

Can I refer a patient to another physician electronically?

Yes, we are partnered with EMR Direct for our Secure Messaging.

Does ChartPerfect work on mobile devices like iOS or Android?

Absolutely. We have apps in the App Store for both iOS and Android.

Does ChartPerfect include a Patient Portal?

We have our own Patient Portal built in, and it is very easy for you and your patients to use.

Is there an e-Fax module included?

Yes, our partner is SRfax. You can send and receive faxes from the EHR and Fax Inbox.

Will ChartPerfect process Prescription Prior Authorizations?

Yes. Our partner is CoverMyMeds and is built in and included with no extra fees.

Can I insert an image directly into the note and draw on it?

Yes, you can use our document management system to add and edit images. You can also place them anywhere you need in the note and even scale them to size and word wrap them around your text.

Does ChartPerfect EHR work with Dragon Speech Dictation?

We do. You can use Dragon Dictation by Nuance, to dictate directly into the clinical note or using Dragon Pad.

How long has ChartPerfect been in business?

We opened our doors in 1999, when only of a handful of all-in-one EHR & PM products existed.

Can I have multiple schedules for a single provider?

Yes, you can have multiple schedules per provider.

Can ChartPerfect send out appointment reminders?

Yes, our reminder system can send text, email or voice massages.

Does ChartPerfect include a Patient Portal?

Yes, we have developed our own Patient Portal that works specifically with ChartPerfect. You can send emails, text messages, statements and patient records through the portal. The best part, the Portal is fast, easy to use, and everything is included with no additional fees.

Is there an e-Fax module included?

Yes, our partner is SRfax. You can send and receive faxes from the EHR and Fax Inbox.

Can I send internal messages to staff members?

Our built in messaging system allows you and your staff to send messages to one or multiple staff members. Each staff member will have their own in-box where messages can be stored for daily tasks.

Is the clearing house included in the PM system?

Yes, our clearing house is included with our Cloud PM system. Each provider will have an account to transmit claims and payments, and even run insurance eligibility verification.

Can I drag an appointment to reschedule it?

Absolutely. Our drag and drop calendar lets you drag one or multiple appointments to another time, date or provider. This is especially helpful when moving all appointments to another date or provider.

Is there an insurance card or ID card scanner?

Yes, you can scan Insurance or ID cards directly from your scanner to the appointment or patient. No need to save the scan to your desktop first, our scanning ability is state-of-the-art and allows you to scan directly into the PM system.

Is there an audit trail to see who has made changes to a Patient or Appointment?

Yes, our Audit Trail is always tracking changes in real-time. You can open the Audit Trail to see who has created, modified, rescheduled or removed an appointment or patient.

Does ChartPerfect have Patient Reminders?

Yes, you can set patient specific reminders that will pop -up when opening the patient or appointment window. This is very helpful when you need to know the details on past due balances, discharged patients, special needs patients, etc.

Is there a waiting list?

ChartPerfect has a powerful Waiting List feature. Once a patient is added to the list and a matching time slot becomes available, you will received a message. You can choose to call the patient to check their availability. To add the patient to the schedule, just click the fill appointment button and the appointment is set.

Is there a system to give the patient driving directions?

Yes, we use the Google Maps. It is easy to give real-time directions over the phone, or email the directions to the patient using our Patient Portal. This feature is very useful for new staff, or for new patients who need a little more assistance finding your office.

What rates will I pay when I sign up for the ChartPerfect Billing Service?

The national average is between 5% - 7%. ChartPerfect offers a more competitive option with rates that start at only 4%.

Is there an annual fee or monthly minimum?

ChartPerfect Billing does not charge an annual fee, and we have zero minimum service plans with flexible rates to suit practices of all sizes.

Is your product an All-In-One EHR and PM system?

Yes, ChartPerfect is a physician owned company so we know what it is like to run a medical office. Our product was built in 1999 as an all-in-one practice management and electronic medical record system so that the clinical visit and billing flow seamlessly and save time.

Where is the billing service actually performed?

All ChartPerfect Billing staff work at our HQ located in San Diego, CA.

What is the average ChartPerfect denial rate?

According to MGMA, your practice isn't doing well if your pass rate is under 96%. ChartPerfect's first pass success rate is greater than 98% on average.

Do you work on Insurance Aging?

Yes. As part of our Best Practices, ChartPerfect works on A/R routinely so it is reviewed constantly and we maintain averages below the MGMA standard of 15%. We assign a dedicated A/R person to your billing team so that the Aging Balances stay low.

How do I view my reports?

Month-end reports are available anytime, on demand. Your Billing Account Manager will have one-on-one monthly status calls to review them with your practice, and we track how you compare on a national level.

How is the day to day management of my account going to be handled?

ChartPerfect provides full service billing for each client using the following process:

  • Integrated insurance eligibility checking
  • Daily upload of all pending claims
  • Denial review and resubmitting
  • ERA and EOB payment entry
  • Patient payments via credit card or eCheck

What is Coding Assistance?

ChartPerfect offers Coding Assistance as an on-demand option to help you get one step ahead of ICD-10 audits. We scrub all claims and read corresponding signed notes in the EMR to ensure the highest level of specificity for ICD-10 and to make sure you have included all billable CPT codes as per your documentation for that encounter.

Can you help us collect on unpaid claims submitted by a previous Billing Service?

We offer Rebilling Services as an ancillary option for clients who come to us with collectible balances from DOS prior to their billing contract with us.

What is included with Rebilling Services?

When you have Rebilling services, ChartPerfect will research, rebill and/or appeal all unpaid claims that were originally submitted by your former billing staff or service.

How often do you work on Aging Reports?

At ChartPerfect, a claim is considered 'aged' if no adjudication is received within 40 days of the original submission. All claims on the Aging Report are worked systematically by your dedicated A/R specialist. We follow the MGMA standard of 10%.

What is your process for patient statements?

We send out statements electronically by batch and upload them to our clearinghouse. From the clearinghouse they are forwarded to a publisher who drops them to paper and manages the printing process. Nominal postage and handling fees apply.

How often are patient statements sent out?

The most popular choice among our clients is to send patient statements every 30 days. The frequency is entirely up to you, and we can customize a schedule to fit the needs of your practice.

How do you submit claims?

The majority of all claims are sent electronically through our clearinghouse. We favor electronic claim submission because it reduces adjudication time and you receive your money faster. If a payer cannot accept electronic claims, we mail out paper claims as needed.

Do you handle Worker's Compensation claims?

Yes, we offer Worker's Compensation (W/C) filing as an ancillary service for any client who requires it. Since the majority of W/C claims need to be submitted on paper and mailed, postage and mailing supply fees may apply.